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Health Care and Human Trafficking Assessment Tool


  • Evaluate existing training on human trafficking intended for health care professionals in Canada;
  • Identify gaps in information that could assist with future educational development pertinent to the intersection of human trafficking and health care;
  • Assist those designing training on human trafficking for health professionals.

This tool is an adaptation of “The Health Care Provider Human Trafficking Training Assessment Tool” for the use of the Human Trafficking Health Alliance of Canada. The original organization and development of this tool is from the collaborative work of the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking (combathumantrafficking.org) and HEAL Trafficking (HEALtrafficking.org). This tool builds on the HEAL Trafficking Training and Education Committees’ “Introductory Training on Human Trafficking for U.S. Health Care Professionals: Essential Content, April 2018.”


The Human Trafficking Health Alliance of Canada sees education as a key intervention to build awareness, knowledge and the response to addressing human trafficking.

Public Speaking

Need an expert speaker to provide education on the connection between health and human trafficking?


The Human Trafficking Health Alliance of Canada values other organizations engaged in human trafficking work that promotes health and support for persons who are trafficked.